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The Company

Envision Energy is a world’s leading intelligent energy service expert. Our business covers designing and manufacturing smart wind turbines, software services of smart wind farms, diagnostic and technical services, integrated project management services, asset management services and energy investment services.
Envision Energy is one of the leading wind turbine manufacturers in China and also an innovative company with an ambition to create smart solutions.

With headquarters in Jiangyin nearby Shanghai in China, Envision is located in the very heart of China’s development center of products and services for renewable energy. 65% of the area’s revenue derives from products and services for the wind energy industry both in Asia, America and Europe.
In 2009 Envision Energy established its Global Innovation Centre in Denmark with the same ambition to be in the heart of the wind energy industry in Europe. Here is an opportunity to create a strong development profile for both offshore and onshore wind turbines.


Envision Energy · 2nd Floor Torvet 11 · 8600 Silkeborg · Denmark
Phone: +45 7244 4439 · Fax: +45 8685 9942 ·

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